STEM and entrepreneurship

Building the future though the young

In our opinion, a company must provide good products and services in a sustainable manner, but also has a responsibility to the society to which it belongs. We would like to share what we have learned, by making it available to young people. Our goal are teenagers. We want to awaken in them the interest for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We want to fan their spirit of creating and starting new things. We think that in this way we can help them on their way to becoming excellent people and professionals. Talent is something that is cultivated facing challenges and new situations. That is why we propose challenges for young people, we organize STEM championships.

Cansat1 Cansat2

Cansats in Euskadi and Navarra 2020 (Los Arcos)

16 Teams participated sharing their experiences



The satellites will be released at 1.000 metres and will start their mission.